About Us

What happens when two like minded ladies come together?

They get along like a house on fire and then there’s mayhem and out of this very mayhem a universe is born.

Two like minded yet distinct ladies ; one a dancer, the other a drummer, one a dreamer, the other a doer, one creative, the other analytical.

And when they come together and work on a venture, theres rhythm, theres balance theres innovation and theres commitment to excellence and all this gets reflected in their field of expertise and is mirrored in their work.

Meet Sayali Gupte (Co-Founder @ The LadyBug)

Apart from being a trained kathak dancer, Sayali freelanced as a corporate trainer with Symbiosis, COEP and Softbridge before taking a sabbatical to raise two beautiful children.

A student of Fergusson college, she has her masters in English literature. Sayali is an avid reader and is a big fan of the Wodehousian humour.

In her spare time she paints and is passionate about travelling and meeting people.

Being out in nature gives her a quick fix and brings peace to her otherwise chaotic world.

Her creative mind works round the clock and helps her find simple solutions to complicated problems!


Meet Meghana Khamkar (Co-Founder @ The LadyBug)

The charismatic Meghana is a compassionate person who is always ready to lend an ear and a shoulder to a friend. Easygoing and bubbly by nature, she loves a good laugh and has a positive outlook towards work.

Meghana started her career in a software product startup, worked in the corporate world for few years before jumping in to lend a hand in multiple family businesses.

A computer engineer from PICT by education and  a drummer by passion, she is happy in raising and spending time with her lovely daughter, husband and her pet Lhasa Apso.

She has a keen interest in Music and Art. Being with family and friends gives her a high.




The Team Speaks

Now out of our  hibernation we have plunged ourselves wholeheartedly in building ‘The LadyBug – A women’s community’.

We believe that all women are special, creative multi-taskers !

Our vision for ‘The LadyBug’ is to  create a strong ecosystem of women who can get recognition, respect and flourish in pursuing their passions!

Join us in our endeavour to create a buzzzzz ! 🙂

Write to us at : [email protected]

Call or WhatsApp on +91 9168988583