Learn the Art of Eating Smart

– Avanti Deshpande

Avanti(LadyBugs Speak)

Today the world works on smart technology. The lifestyle is so busy that everything should be easily accessible and manageable to be able to do multitasking. All of us understand the importance of healthy eating and an active lifestyle is essential for a  healthy body and mind but it becomes a tussle when theory has to meet practicality.

As a nutritionist I do have a lot of clients who are busy working almost 10-12 hours of the day. For the matter of fact even homemakers are equally busy trying to achieve so many things in the day that health is on the last priority.

Hence it has become important to work on a practical approach to nutrition which can be coined as ‘Smart Eating’ which will give us health with as little efforts as possible

Practical tips to smart eating

1.  Wake up and have 1-2 glasses of water. This water could be warm or room temperature will be your choice. Any additives like aloe vera , amla or lemon juice will further improve the cleansing properties of the water.

2.  Eating within 10 mins – eating something substantial like a fruit, dry fruits like almonds and walnuts, plain milk or any dry snack like kurmura or khakra are good enough. Never start a day with plain tea of coffee it will hamper the metabolism. At least have a small dry snack with the coffee.

3.Never skip breakfast- this the most important meal of the day.Never have only pohe upma etc for breakfast. Have a good combination of carbs and protein for example, upma or pohe with milk, dosa or idli with sambhar omelette bread etc

4.Have smaller filler like fruit, almonds, murmura, coconut water etc in between meals so that you don’t tend to over eat at main meals of lunch and dinner.

5.Focus more on protein coming from milk and milk products, dals and pulses, eggs or chicken nuts and oilseeds and give less emphasis on carbs alone.

6. Drink 8-10 glasses of water in the day.

7.Consume at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in the day In the form of fresh fruits, salads and cooked sabjis. Do not ignore this

8.Follow at 20 mins of any exercise that you wish to do. This will keep you physically and mentally active.

9.Lunch and dinner should be combination of a salad with chaapti or rice with sabji and dal or curds. Do not have only roti and sabji for the main meals.