The Thirty Second Challenge

Promotional Guru 2

After gaining consummate knowledge about their venture, what is the most important skill for an entrepreneur to have? The way in which  they ensure that this knowledge is made accessible to the target audience, aka Marketing. In a world where time is money, innovation becomes your trusted ally. The LadyBug’s Promotional Guru helps you with little tricks to ensure that you become a pro!


The Art of Branding is key to becoming a successful entrepreneur. However, since time is money, the more you save the better! Presenting The LadyBug’s Thirty Second Challenge! What you need to do, is introduce you and your brand in 30 seconds no more, no less! Use of innovation will be much appreciated and encouraged. Send your 30 second videos to us, at [email protected], top three entries get a special surprise! On your marks, get set, brand away!