The Founders Speak



This world is made up of stories. Stories that make us think, stories that influence us and stories that have  a profound effect on us.

We at The LadyBug started our journey by telling extraordinary stories of women. Women who quit their lucrative jobs to follow their dreams, and to turn their passions into ventures.

Simple stories that reflect grit, determination, persistence and above all a strong belief in oneself. Stories that capture their entrepreneurial journeys, highlighting their accomplishments and the many obstacles they face.

We  believe that every woman is special and is a storehouse of creativity! All she needs is a little push to follow her passion, to take up her dream and turn it into a venture. We all need a little encouragement and a lot of validation and that’s what we are here for. We are here to share your stories, to bring all the adulation your way, to show your commendable work to the world. It is through these stories that we would like to inspire more and more into entrepreneurship.

‘The Future is women’ reads a headline of a magazine. Then what about the present? Why is it always about tomorrow when today is perfectly glorious?

We at The LadyBug believe that it is always about women irrespective of the time and age! It’s just that as women, we don’t assert it. We don’t shout out loud and say that it’s about us!

We women have the potential to create history. To make a difference on bigger things in a small way! Our decisions shape our families, the lives of many we touch.

‘When you educate a man you educate an individual but when you educate a woman you educate the entire nation’. That is the phenomenal amount of influence a woman has on people. Be it her children, her husband, her friends. We are influencers, we have the potential to change lives, to better the things around us.

We are the change. So it’s Time we come out of our four walls and assert our presence. Tell our stories and be heard and make a difference.

So let’s get together and bring about a constructive change in this world. Let us build an ecosystem for us, a community where like minded women come together, collaborate, inspire each other, connect and grow as entrepreneurs and as individuals and inspire generations to come!

Get started ladies, follow your dreams, believe in yourself, make the most of all the talents you have, inspire other women, influence the society, give wings to the creative keeda in you!! And do it today!

Warm Regards,

Sayali n Meghana