The Dynamics of Women Entrepreneurship

-Ketaki Deshmukh

The other day while sipping my coffee and watching outside my living room window, I wondered, what is the big fuss over women entrepreneurship or women empowerment really?
Yes we, as women are as capable as our able men counterparts to be as successful as one can humanly be, why then the constant comparison?
Why the hype, the glamour, the empowerment speeches really? Aren’t we just all humans trying to make our mark in the world?
It is true that the road for a woman isn’t really as smooth as it would be for a man and yes, for obvious reasons.
However coming to think about it, why so?

Men are fathers too right? They need someone to look after the kids and the house while they are away too… What’s different when a woman is away? The house, kids, family members all are the same. Why then? Why is so messed up around a woman?
They say when God created man and woman he really created masculinity and femininity, which essentially means that women have the essence of a little masculinity in them which makes them as able as the “conventional man/ husband” and men have the essence of a little femininity in them, which makes them as able as a “conventional woman/wife”.
God created man and woman to have both these qualities so that each could balance out and complement each other.
But with time, we made religions, castes, beliefs, cultures  etc to suit our convenience.
Women were asked to raise kids and manage the house and men were asked to go out and get money for the house.
We lived like this for a while …

And then came the rebellious era where more and more women chose to bend the unwritten “rules”
And there, was born “women liberalisation”, “freedom”, which further gave birth to “women empowerment” which also went further to “women entrepreneurship” which we celebrate today with great pompous.

Being a woman entrepreneur myself and a witness to the era and movement that is going on, I feel extremely proud of the balance and achievement that we have managed to get with respect to work, family and personal life by choosing to bend the rules and more so proud to see the men choosing to bend the rules and helping women with the jobs that were essentially labelled as “women centric”, be it cooking, cleaning, raising kids, grocery shopping etc..
A big big salute to not just the women but to the men today who are helping clear out the mess around the belief system.

Ladybug truly hopes and wishes to see and witness many many more of these till we reach a stage where the believes just fade away, they are questioned more often than not, so that we truly function to the best of our abilities and capabilities as humans rather than gender defined.

More power to freedom, independence, empowerment and last but not the least.. Entrepreneurship!!

Ketaki (Mentors Speak)