Have you ever spent hours walking around in a mall looking for that elusive scarf? Despite the teeming numbers you just can’t seem to find the right colour! Well, Aarti Mahajan from Pune is here to help us ladies find the perfect fashion accessories and clothing!
Aarti’s fashion startup called #StyleRoute designs and manufactures a variety of clothing and accessories like jewellery scarves, dupattas, capes etc.

Aarti has amassed an impressive list of credentials in her professional career. She holds a Masters in Consumer Affairs and Fashion Design from Auburn University, USA. While in the US, she worked with reputed labels like Gigi Florence and Tibi in New York City. The diverse experience gained from her work has helped her identify future trends and focus on growth opportunities.
Aarti’s story is just like many of the entrepreneurs featured on this page. Entrepreneurs are a breed of people who identify problems in their surroundings and then fix them. For Aarti, the problem didn’t manifest itself until she moved to India to take a break and spend quality time with her first child. During the break from her career, Aarti found that good fashion accessories and clothing were hard to come by in Pune. When the time came to restart her career, the lack of jobs in the fashion industry in Pune made her choice easy – she put together all of her designing and management experience and started #StyleRoute.
Aarti plans to nurture Style Route into a one-stop solution for fashion accessories. She wants to bring everything from manufacturing to retail under one roof.
Aarti here’s wishing you a fashionably chic career ahead!!

To get in touch with Aarti Mahajan,
Call/ Whatsapp: 7798423757
Email: [email protected]
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/styleroutebyAM/
Address: Pune