India is home to countless art forms and numerous designs. So many, that the figure would definitely blow our minds. What is lacking however is the impetus given to these talented artisans. With this thought in mind, Amita Deshpande‬ came up with the idea of Sankha.
With a bachelor’s in computer science from Pune University, Amita has had a fair share of experience in the field of IT and HR. However, the entrepreneurial instincts coupled with a desire to popularize the hand crafted products from #Odisha, prompted her to set up ‪#‎SankhaSarees‬. Amita has always striven to counter the myth that hand loom projects are priced on the higher side. Also, not many people are aware about the various handmade products. The artisans engaged in the trade of weaving fabrics live in a state of penury and do not get their rightful due.Considering these factors, Amita decided to launch ‪#‎Sankha‬ Sarees with fair trade being the core value. Amita sources the products directly from the weavers, thereby eliminating the middlemen. She deals with handwoven ikat and bomkai products of Odisha. ‪#‎Ikat‬ is a very unique way of tying and dyeing the threads with vegetable colours and then weaving it as per the desired designs. The weaving may take several weeks depending upon the design. This is an art unique to the state of Odhisha. Apart from sarees,dress materials, fabrics, dupattas and stoles in cotton and silk are also available.

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Initially, the venture required Amita to focus on customer education as the awareness regarding these niche products was not very high. However, it didn’t take long to make a name as Amita successfully broke the myth about handlooms. Since direct associations with the weaver’s association were in place, their products were able to reach customers at a reasonable price thanks to Amita’s continuous efforts. The trust building is such, that the co-operative movement wants her to be their official representative at the Global exhibits!
Amita believes that the relation with a customer is eternal. She envisages the growth of Sankha by means of her customer base. She often interacts with customers through her unique idea of tea parties. Customers can admire the beauty of these quintessential products sourced from Odisha will enjoying a warm cuppa! Her dream is to make Sankha global, and ensure that the tremendous talent showcased by the artisans of Odisha gets the due recognition. She intends to set up a physical store very soon, and hopes to spread it country wide.
So Go ahead and check out the formidable hand crafted selection that Sankha has to offer!!
Amita we hope you are able to achieve your dream. More power to you 🙂

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