A CA with a keen interest in art. She painted and taught canvases for the love of art . Then she chanced upon art therapy and her life changed for the better. Meet ‪#‎BharathiGoidani‬ of Kalyani Nagar, Pune, an artist who turned into a therapist.
When Barathi moved into her new house, her threadbare house warmed with the colourful patterns she made on the walls. Dolphins for her kids, tulips in her bedroom, colourful window panes, reflecting her passion for art! She covered the walls with chart paper to encourage her young son to draw and paint to his heart’s content! That’s when her husband realised that Bharathi has a way with colours and teaching art is her forte and encouraged her to start drawing classes. Not one to take things casually, Bharthi joined Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Fine arts course to further hone her skills.

Equipped with a degree she started drawing classes which received a phenomenal response. While in college she came across many students from modest backgrounds. Interacting with them she realised the many problems they face and their struggles for survival. This propelled her to learn art therapy, to use art to help individuals better endure and enjoy their lives.
She has conducted various art therapy workshops for women and children from different stratum of the society. Through NGOs she has worked for destitute women and homeless children, helping them to adjust to their surroundings.
Her workshops are simple in nature. She starts her sessions on a lively note, that eases the tension and helps to break the ice. Then she shares stories that they can relate to, anecdotes from her experiences. Then she encourages them to indulge in art, making them aware of their emotions, channelling their thought process and relieving them of their extra baggages.
Theses sessions help in cleansing the mind and soul.
To conduct these sessions successfully, Bharathi has to be very objective in her approach and cannot be judgemental. She has developed patience and perseverance through meditation.
Her regular art classes are also very much in demand. She encourages her students to be innovative and experiment with different forms of art. She motivates them to be hands on with their art work, offering minimal help and encouraging them to use their own style in painting.
Bharathi takes classes from 5 years onwards and special batches for ladies. She enjoys teaching canvas paintings and also takes orders for customised paintings.
She has also learnt the traditional art of Tanjore paintings and takes orders for the same.
Bharathi has a quest for knowledge and is always learning new techniques and experimenting latest trends in the art world.
Bharathi here’s wishing you all the best for your venture. May you sessions touch many lives and transform pain into work of art!

To get in touch with Bharathi
Call/Whatsapp: +91 9372121270
Address: D-101, Landmark garden, Kalyaninagar, Pune, Pune 411006

Some Paintings by Bharathi and her students

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