There are times when you are in the dumps and feel like it’s the end of the world for you, that’s when you need inspiration to pep you up. Little words make a huge difference in boosting your morale and that is what Priti does through her beautiful paintings!
Meet #PritiDesai of #Artrex who spreads happiness through her art work!

Priti a beautiful artist with a beautiful mind uses her brush on various materials to create motifs with inspirational quotes to lighten your mood and to bring you back on track!
Priti’s paintings connect with your soul the moment you lay your eyes on them, cheering you up!!
When you are happy within, it reflects in your work and happiness spreads and that is how you can best describe Priti’s work. From bottles to mugs to fabrics, canvases and even walls, Priti paints everything that comes her way, sensationalising the mundane!

collage mugs digitalillustration2
A graphic designer by profession Priti does everything related to designing viz branding, logos, brochures, calendars, illustrations et al!
But painting is something that is close to her heart and gives her immense satisfaction.
In her own words Priti says, “I have my own style of painting. My paintings usually have a small inspirational thought on them and hence they r my ‘Inspees’. Art for me is life. I love to create colorful works of art, that can bring a smile, joy and fresh air of encouragement for anyone! I love to put these little inspirational thoughts on my paintings, which can connect with every soul, out there. I believe, we all have that little spark in us which needs to be ignited at the right time and in the right way.”
Going through Priti’s artwork is like taking a shot of caffeine. It gives you a high, a creative high that motivates you to get up and get started!

Priti also does customised work for residences and corporates. Someone with great design sensibilities, Priti dreams to have her own studio which would not only be arty but crazy too!
Priti an avid photographer captures things that inspire her through her lens and saves them for those little moments of inspiration for her paintings. Following her heart and unleashing the brush wild on various textures, Priti creates magic that touches your soul.
So go ahead connect with Priti and buy one of her paintings that reminds you everyday that ‘sometimes you have to create your own sunshine!’
Priti here’s hoping that you touch and inspire many lives through your beautiful art work and spread happiness along the way!
To get in touch with Priti;
Call/WhatsApp: 9850722631
Email : [email protected]
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