Sawing, hammering, polishing, she works with wood, making it bend and twist to the touch of her nimble fingers and when you see the end product it is hard to believe that it’s the work of the petite ‪#‎AsmitaYadav‬ who runs ‪#‎PinewoodCreations‬ and under the brand makes various wooden pieces that are not only beautiful but also high on utility! Pinewood Creations is the labour of love of Asmita who manages her venture efficiently with the help of her ever supporting husband!
Under her brand Pinewood Creations, Asmita innovatively up cycles everyday trash to create picture frames, Warli frames, ethnic wall pieces. She has wonderfully crafted wooden tree houses and bird houses and is constantly drawing sketching and making prototypes of products that appeal to her!

An MSc Computer science graduate from Pune University, Asmita worked in a software company for a few years before moving to the USA with her family. There a change of place and exposure to a new culture opened up a whole new world of opportunities and did wonders to her creativity! In the US, Asmita came across various craft shops that encourage do-it-yourself approach. They would provide the skeleton of product and Asmita would finish it to her liking. She also started creating her own crafts, which she shared with friends and their response was encouraging. That inspired her to make this effort more professional. Asmita went to the US as a software engineer and returned home a crafter and Pinewood Creations is the outcome of her passion for creativity.
‘It’s an effort to take our hobbies to the next level and test our skills in the market. Our creations are made from the heart and breathe happiness.These are created with utmost dedication. We share some of our happy and funny moments through them and I’m sure these products will appeal to everyone’ says Asmita with a smile on her face!
Asmita’s tiny frame and delicate hands are adept at the wood work she makes herself. From cutting to smoothening the surface, to polishing and painting, Asmita is a complete pro at carpentry and is involved in the designing and execution of the products. Right from sourcing the raw material from various parts of Pune to making the product, Asmita is completely hands on with the process!
Apart from products Asmita also offers workshops on Wood work, Ceramic arts and Pot painting.

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Trust and encouragement from her family keeps her going and Asmita aspires to grow and explore her creativity to the fullest!
Asmita here’s wishing you all the luck and may Pinewood Creations become a trusted go-to brand for innovative, handcrafted, home decor products!

To get in touch with Asmita:
Call/Whatsapp: 9763721102/ 9552561102
Email: [email protected]
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