How can you be different in the crowd? Simple – Just be YOU! And that’s what Avni Chahal believes in and promotes through her brand Chahal Pehal!

Chahal Pehal an endeavor to showcase the authentic crafts of our country, straight from artisans, is the dream venture of the vivacious Avni Chahal who also upcycles cloth and paper to create sustainable products.

With no background in design but a strong passion for creativity and reviving the age old art forms, Avni works closely with the artisans, giving them design inputs and gets products made that are offbeat, quirky and yet retain the flavour of our land!

‘The beauty of our products lies in the fact that none of them are “off the assembly line” and consequently each has a personality of it’s own. We can customize products to suit the needs of the client.’ says Avni.

A life coach by profession, Avni always had a creative bug in her and that prompted her to take up this extremely creative and gratifying venture.

‘I love authenticity in every form! We are blessed to be in a country with such a rich heritage. However, over time, the “mechanisation” of production, even for regional crafts has stolen the essence of this heritage. I decided to work in this area because it’ll help showcase the authenticity of both – the craft and the materials used!’ adds Avni, the girl on a mission.

For every person who thinks handcrafted products are expensive, Avni meets 5 more who love the exclusivity handmade products afford and the ideology behind Chahal Pehal and that keeps Anvi on her toes.

You can find Chehal Pehal products at The Little Quirkshop, Wanowrie and at various Flea markets across town. Avni also connects with her customers through her page on Facebook.(

Avni we wish you a great future ahead and sincerely hope that your dream to expand your repertoire of products and establish Chahal Pehal as a brand that stands for authenticity and collaboration in the coming years, comes true.

To get in touch with Avni,

Call/Whatsapp: 9823585405

Email: [email protected]


instagram : @chahalpehal

website: (will be operational shortly)