Today is the era of consumerism and instant gratification. Commercialisation has resulted in rising demand for goods that adversely impact our environment. In the midst of this hubbub there is Creative Box – Bhairavi Malkani, which is spreading the word about environment friendly fashion and art.
Creating upcycled products is at the centre of Creative Box’s ideology. It’s all about creating something useful from discarded products. How many of you can remember the last time you purchased nature-friendly fashion accessories? Well, Bhairavi’s venture has been churning out upcycled products for more than 10 years!
All raw materials are sourced from local craftsmen and a recurring theme is the love for nature and contemporary art. Among the diverse portfolio of sustainable products are tote bags, cushion covers, wall art and a wide variety of home decor products.

The journey began in Jai Hind College, Mumbai where Bhairavi was studying Arts. She worked for a campaign called Rising Seas and Disappearing Lands which motivated her to do her bit to save the environment. She used this motivation to create art with the core theme of “environment” and began conducting workshops while she was in college.
The chance to transform her hobby into a brand came much later. During a visit to her tailor she learned that excess fabric was simply thrown away. A Eureka moment happened and she realised she could source excess fabric from a number of tailors to create home-made handbags and slings. She got busy with the drawing board and her two staff got busy with the stitching.
Back in 2006, social media was virtually non-existent so marketing was always a challenge for Bhairavi. Public knowledge about the advantages of upcycled products has improved greatly since then and now Creative Box has a huge online following and numerous happy customers.
Creative Box also conducts art and craft workshops in many cities. Among the art forms that they practice are Warli, Madhubani, paper craft and a new art form called Dotillism which involves nothing but dots of varying colour and size.

Bhairavi’s dream is to provide an incubation cell for budget strapped startups that focus on creating handmade and sustainable products.
The LadyBug family wishes Bhairavi all the best for her endeavours!

To get in touch with Bhairavi Malkani :
Call/ Whatsapp: +919833548881
Email : [email protected]
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