Two childhood friends who enjoyed being together and exploring various art forms, they grew up, parted and met again in pursuit of creativity! Meet Chaitali Tannirwar‬ and Punam Bobade‬, one a computer professional and the other a physiotherapist who have come together to start a venture CreativeDoodle‬!
As the name suggests, Creative Doodle implores everyone to explore their creative side!
Caught in the day to day rut, dealing with various pressures can take a toll on your health. Forget pursuing hobbies, we hardly get to spend any quality time with our families. Weekends are mostly spent watching TV. It’s the same story in every house and Chaitali’s house was no different. That’s when the idea of Creative Doodle came to her mind, a place where families can come together and explore their creative side, be it sculpting, t shirt painting or any other craft activity. Chaitali held her first workshop in her own society and got a tremendous response. Her husband who reluctantly took part, thoroughly enjoyed the artwork and Chaitali knew that she had hit the spot! Joining hands with Punam who is equally passionate about art, Chaitali co founded Creative Doodle and through this they organise creative workshops for all age groups all over Pune.
They have designed workshops where parent (and yes they want the daddies to participate as well!) and child can participate and together create something beautiful! Punam and Chaitali take the participants through the various techniques and guide and encourage them to be innovative and bring out their individual styles. All the material is provided by them and the participants take back with them their creations! Their shirt painting workshop was a big hit, wherein the parent and child came along with their T shirts, painted them and gifted them to each other.

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So far they have conducted workshops in t shirt painting, Ganapati idol making, kite making etc.
These workshops cater to all age groups, giving them something depending on their needs. For the children it’s an activity where they can spend quality time with parents and learn something new. For the parents it’s a stress busting, relaxing activity and for senior citizens an engaging activity which helps them reconnect with their creative side!
Chaitali and Punam have conducted workshops for various societies, book stores and activity centers in and around Pune.They also plan to approach corporate houses to conduct stress busting workshops for professionals. Also in the pipeline are specially designed workshops for children with special needs and senior citizens.
Hats off to these two beautiful ladies who are not only passionately involved in their venture, Creative Doodle but are also managing their respective careers and homes with equal panache!


So if you wish to spend quality time with your family doing something creative, look no further and just contact Punam and Chaitali and enjoy the creative process!

To get in touch with Creative Doodle,
Call/ Whatsapp: 9960544374
Email: [email protected]
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