Anasuya a young stay at home mom was enjoying looking after her little son during her break from her IT job. But her creative mind was restless and craving for work. She was exploring various work from home options when she met ‪#‎Dipashri‬, Founder and CEO ‪#‎ContentLadder‬ and knew instantly that content writing was her calling!
Dipashri had faced a similar predicament years ago when after returning from the USA, she had consciously decided to take a break from her lucrative career to raise her son. An IT engineer with Satyam, she longed to do something challenging in her free time while working from home and then she stumbled upon content writing and it fit the bill!
Dipashri started taking up freelance assignments. Her flair for writing paid off. Slow and steady work flowed and to meet the demands of the ever increasing projects, Dipashri set up Content Ladder, her venture, wherein along with other assignments, she handles chief editorial responsibilities of Weddings Online and Mind Body Breath. Content Ladder has clients across the world from USA to Europe and Singapore.
Deepa Shenoy who is part of Dipashri’s team also has a similar story. She writes,“ Content Ladder has been an excellent opportunity for a stay at home mom like me. Working with Dipashri has helped me recognise and nurture a skill I never thought I had. I love the fact that it allows me the luxury of working from home and during the time my children are away at school. It has definitely worked wonders for my confidence after more than 2 year long gap since I quit my technical job.”

So all you wonderful women out there, if you are looking at creative work from home options, get in touch with Dipashri and explore opportunities in content writing and social media from the confines of your home!

To get in touch with Dipashri:

Email: [email protected]
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