‘Your life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change.’ And to bring about that change you need some help and who better than Dola Dasgupta‬ to counsel you!
Dola Dasgupta is an intuitive counselor. She uses a mixture of therapy tools like Reiki, Foot and Body Massage, Yoga Techniques, Listening and Sharing circles, meditation, chanting, deep contemplation, Zen writing, Bach Flowers, Salt Baths etc to support her clients to find a deeper connection with their creative and authentic selves. She has been supporting people to take deeper dives into their adventurous and self exploratory journeys to enable them to live an enriched, compassionate and creative life.
She supports families with mindful parenting, mindful relationships, mindful livelihoods, mindful health.
Along with her own therapy she also recommends other therapists who are in her network, depending on the emerging needs of her clients.

Dola is a mother to two beautiful children who she home educates. She is a pioneer of the home education movement of India. She is from Delhi, but moved to Pune four years back with her children and her dog, to start life on a new note. She is a storyteller, an educationist, a writer and a poet.

She is involved in various community based endeavors in Pune and other parts of India. To know more about her work and life please visit her blogs and Facebook pages:


She can be reached at :
[email protected]
WhatsApp only: 9552595215 (for private and group sessions).