‘Life is beautiful’, says Mrinalini, a sexagenarian and you want to believe her when you see her surrounded by her beautiful creations.
Mrinalini creates everyday things of utility like folders, note pads, envelopes, bags etc., by adorning them with colourful ethnic Indian fabric and giving them a unique identity!
She has a wide range of stationery products for everyday use and special occasions.
Mrinalini Kelkar a chemistry lecturer at Garware college, always had a creative entrepreneurial streak in her and wanted to experiment with colours.
She started her venture ‘Gift Matters’ a decade ago with the intention of empowering young girls and instilling in them the importance of earn and learn. She trained girls from the lower strata of the society with creative hands and minds,and broadened their horizons.
She started marketing her products informally by offering to friends and relatives who made them popular by gifting in turn. Markets widened to shops like Venus Supershop, Either Or, Nirmitee to Corporate houses like Persistent, Lagu Bandhu, Symbiosis, Vikhe Patil College,

Markets transited to conferences, professional conventions as well as birthdays or wedding gifts. Mrinalini now supplies products to Mumbai, Nagpur, Hubli and has received appreciation from people in China, USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Korea, Sri Lanka and many more.
Today with a trained team of enterprising girls, she single handedly manages the entire process.
‘Working with colours is a therapeutic experience and at the end of the day I feel independent, contented and peaceful. I enjoy every bit of this process and will continue to innovate till I physically can’, signs off the beautiful lady inspiring and motivating us to follow suit!

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