The best gift a mother can give her daughter is to teach her to love what she does and do what she loves!
And that is what Gayatri learnt not just from her mother but also her grandmother, who both have been instrumental in preparing Gayatri for her entrepreneurial journey!
Gayatri Gadgil- Lele, has two very enterprising women to look up to! Her mother and grandmother who together run the business of halwa jewellery which involves making elaborate ornaments from intricately woven, tiny balls of sugar for the auspicious festival of Sankrant.
Growing up with the duo as her role models, Gayatri knew right from the beginning that she always wanted to become an entrepreneur. And starting Kathaansh is just the beginning of her journey! Gayatri a graduate of Fine Arts was looking for a creative avenue when she chanced upon block printing, a dying art form. What intrigued her about it is the freedom it gave her to experiment with various colours, being hands on with the techniques and to come up with unique products! And of course to revive this art form and providing a source of income to the many craftsmen was an added bonus!

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This is something she imbibed from her aji and aai who both strongly believe that any entrepreneurial pursuit should have an underlying social cause. What started 45 years back, by Vidya Gadgil now an octogenarian, as a hobby to constructively engage in a creative activity is an established business that empowers 40 women working under the duo!
Support of family is of utmost importance for a woman and Gayatri is lucky to have her life partner supporting her journey with colours! Today Gayatri has come up with her own lineup of beautiful block printed products and has everything from home decor to accessories under her label! From block printed, customised dupattas, stoles, jacket, dress material, sarees, to bags, mugs, hand painted jars, table linen and even handcrafted shoes you can find it all under her brand Kathaansh.
Thinking out of the box and being quality conscious is something Gayatri has learnt from her role models and she tries to inculcate it in every aspect of her entrepreneurial journey, be it design or execution, and that propels her to come up with innovative ideas and projects. She also believes in sharing her knowledge of block printing and has conducted classes for the same. At the recently held The LadyBug Carnival she was flocked by the little ones who enthusiastically participated in her workshops and happily took home hand bags that they printed themselves! 

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Gayatri here’s wishing you all the luck for your venture Kathaansh and we are sure that with two strong women behind you, you are bound to be successful!

To get in touch with Gayatri:
Call/ Whatsapp: 9850919955
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