A Pharmacology professional turned artist, Geetanjali Rao is a mother of one and holds a Masters degree from BJ Medical College, Pune. Her career as a medical professional spans over 15 years and includes firms like Ranbaxy, however she quit her job in pursuit of her passion for creativity and thus was born Art from Heart! Creating intricate Tanjore paintings, Geetanjali has been exploring the age old art form and giving it a new lease of life!
When we asked her what made her change stride she simply said, “I am a creative person who needs something to feed her brain.” Creative or not, Tanjore paintings, by their very nature, demand skill and discipline. Tanjore paintings, or Thanjavur as they are originally called, consist of dazzling, vivid hues which are used to depict people, situations or deities. The compositions are usually simple and flat and the focus is on a figure in the center of the painting.
Tanjore paintings may be simple by nature but they are ornate by design. Gold foils and gemstones are very commonly found in paintings created by skilled hands. Geetanjali picked up this style of art when she quit her job and slowly began showcasing her paintings at exhibitions across Pune.
Explaining the intricacies of Tanjore art, Geetanjali mentions that most of the expenditure goes into buying gold and gemstones for the paintings. A nominal painting of 8×10 inches sells for about Rs. 15,000 although prices can go up to Rs. 1 Lakh as well.

Geetanjali’s inspiration lies in exploring a side of India that people seldom see. On a recent visit to Assam, Geetanjali witnessed first-hand the mesmerizing weaving art created by the locals. The limited connectivity of Assam means that the art cannot be shipped to potential buyers across India and the world. Geetanjali wants to find a way to get such artwork out into the open. She says that the satisfaction obtained from this artistic discipline is what keeps her going.
For now, her son’s exam preparations occupy most of her time. Once exam season ends, Geetanjali will get back to exploring herself through her Tanjore paintings.
The LadyBug wishes her the very best in her endeavours, artistic or otherwise.

To get in touch with Geetanjali,
Call/ Whatsapp: 9325301646
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