Today while getting ready I added that little bauble to my attire and voila my look changed, boosting my self confidence! That’s what jewellry does to you, gives you that little sparkle and a lot of oomph!!
Jewellery has the power to make you feel unique!! And if you are looking for that special piece of jewellery to make you feel unique, then get in touch with ‪#‎JharnaTeckchandani‬, the beautiful jewellery designer all the way from Mumbai who has come on a mission to Pune and her mission is to add that little sparkle to our lives through her pretty jewels!

Jharna grew up watching her dad who is into the jewellery business for the past 40 years.
‘Designing jewellery is in my blood’ says Jharna who designs and manages her dad’s production of real jewellery in diamonds, precious and semi precious stones and artificial jewellery for his retail segment.
A course in jewellery designing from the Gautam Banerjee Institute of Jewellery Designing, Mumbai, equipped Jharna with a degree in jewellery management and she plunged head on into world of jewellery designing. Working with her dad, gave her a lot of confidence to work independently and today she has a lot of happy customers in Mumbai.



Jharna designs jewellery of all kinds, Indian, western, heavy chunky jewellery, light and delicate ones. She designs keeping in mind women of all ages right from teenagers to adults.
New in Pune, Jharna has done a couple of exhibitions showcasing the reasonably priced fashion jewellery. She got a great response and now she also supplies jewellery to a couple of stores in Pune. Jharna also attends clients at home on appointments. 

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Jharna’s passion is to design jewellery and eventually she would like to introduce her designs to the Pune market. Her forte being diamond jewellery, Jharna is inspired by Nature and loves designing unique pieces for her clients.
“When I see other women wear my designed jewellery, it gives me immense satisfaction. I try not to repeat my designs so each piece is unique in itself.’ signs off Jharna.
So if you are looking for a work of art that’ll make you a work of art then get in touch with Jharna and she’ll be happy to design a lovely piece for you!

To get in touch with Jharna,
Call : 9930176255
Whatsapp: 9930539380
Email: [email protected]