Meet a scientist who turned green! From working with chemicals to working for a world free of harmful chemicals, K Padmaja nee Abha Kaisare has just ventured into the world of organic living.
After completing her doctoral studies in chemistry at the University of Alabama, USA, Padmaja worked as a scientist in a MNC before moving to India. Daunted by the long hours spent in the closed lab far from nature and the lack of job satisfaction, Padmaja decided to come back to her roots and that led her to her ancestral farm in the heart of Karwar in Karnataka.
Neglected after the demise of her grandmother, the farm lay in shambles when Padmaja took up the challenge of reviving it. Going Organic came naturally, as having worked with chemicals all her life, Padmaja was very much aware of the side effects of the same.
Working relentlessly at the farm, Padmaja is completely hands on with farming. Right from educating the farm help, to even checking the water for harmful chemicals, she is passionately involved in the entire process. Promoting an organic way of living, Padmaja manufactures cold pressed oil at her farm. Some of the other products available with her are Kashay( commonly used in Karnataka as a substitute for tea, Dietary supplements, and native organic vegetable seeds .

A chemist at heart Padmaja also manufactures pest repellents that are natural and safe.
Turning entrepreneur by chance, Padmaja shares her journey in her own words, ‘Although I needed a good alternative to my industry job, my start-up AAU naturals didn’t come as a straightforward option. AAU naturals just happened out of serendipity. The story is quite funny. My mom’s fear of lizards prompted me to come up with a natural pest repellent that was safe to use and did not have any side effects like the ones available in the market.’
Her eureka moment prompted her to formulate her own brand of eco friendly repellents called – KulXit. Currently available in two variants, Natural pest repellent and Mosquito repellent, KulXit is completely natural and works as a freshener, owing to it’s pleasant fragrance.
Padmaja experienced success when her repellents were used extensively by a famous eco resort and some of the pre schools and many homes.
‘My goal is not just to sell the products but to promote a gentle way of living through AAU Naturals products’ signs off Padmaja also know as Abha among her friends.
Padmaja, we truly appreciate how your commitment to organic farming is positively impacting the community around you and we wish you all the success.

To get in touch with Padmaja,
Call/Whatsapp: 9167732118
Email: [email protected]
Address: Baner, Pune