Everyday when we serve fruits to our children we wonder the amount of chemicals used to keep the pests away, to ripen the fruit, to increase the shelf life. Pesticides, harmful chemicals do their trick and give you flawless fruits and veggies but ever wondered what they do to your health! The only way to ensure the quality of the food we consume, is to go the ‪#‎OrganicWay‬ and who better than ‪#‎KavitaKowshik‬ and ‪#‎MeeraJamnagarwala‬ of ‪#‎MaitreyaAgro‬ and ‪#‎FarmStory‬ to pave the way!
Maitreya Agro and Farm Story is the story of mother and daughter duo who are passionately involved in giving farmers their due and are relentlessly working towards a healthy India!

Maitreya Agro is a social business venture that builds communities of small farmers that practice healthy, sustainable farming. Maitreya strongly supports renewable energy and fighting the battle of climate change at the village level by training farmers with an aim to make good farming profitable. So far Maitreya has successfully been working in about 30 villages in 4 states (Maharashtra, North East, Kashmir and Kerala), and has improved the livelihoods of more than 5000 farmers. Maitreya is a social enterprise dedicated to creating wealth in Rural India.
Through Maitreya Agro, Kavita and Meera are involved at the grass root level training and converting the farmer to organic farming. They not only help them with the techniques of farming but also help them marketing their produce turning them into successful entrepreneurs.
This produce is sold through Farm Story an online store, launched by Kavita and Meera that brings you specialty and organic foods from small and marginal farmers in India along with stories of the people who grow your food!

From Apples of northern Kashmir, to the famous Alphonso mangoes of central
India, Pineapples of the south, to spices of the east… From certified organic produce, to
naturally grown ancient grains , dried fruit, nuts and spices, Farm Story is a one stop shop for all your organic foods. You can also buy plough shares and get the organic produce delivered to your doorstep every Sunday!
A graduate of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Kavita is deeply passionate about social causes and the environment in particular. She aims to build a `green angle’ into every project. She has worked intensively in Rural India, most notably with the reformation of a criminal tribe, the Kanjarbhats. She was awarded the Jampolsky Award (2000) in the USA for this.
Influenced by her mother’s social work, Meera a passionate environmentalist and a wildlife Photographer has done a part time course in Sustainability from Harvard College. She is also certified in GRI and Environmental assessment from CSE, New Delhi.
Together they live their motto ‘ Health for People and Wealth to the farmers’ through their initiative Maitreya Agro and Farm Story.in


We sincerely urge all our readers to think about the environment and adopt a healthy, chemical free lifestyle by going the organic way!

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