Happiness is the smell of freshly baked bread…and that is what we experienced when we entered Leena’s house cum baking studio in Baner, Pune.
Among the many pieces of furniture dotting her house, the place of pride was occupied by her oven which stood tall emanating that blissful aroma of bread transporting us to food heaven!
And the beaming Leena welcomed us to break bread with her!
Presenting Dr.Leena Yengle of Leena’s Bakes for whom baking bread equals to breathing air! Leena a Neuro and Pediatric physiotherapist by profession practised for 15 years before she decided to take it easy to look after her only daughter who missed her when she was away.

Leena was always passionate about baking. Being a self taught baker who was inspired by her mom who would bake all birthday cakes at home, Leena perfected the bread recipes at home with a lot of trial and error. Experimenting with different techniques and recipes, Leena eventually mastered the Art of Baking.
It also helped that her husband Deepak a huge bread fan, insisted on the preservative free freshly baked bread, motivating Leena to bake her own bread and to bring variation to the different recipes.
She started taking orders for garlic stuffed breads and pizza rolls and the demand for them was always increasing. That’s when some of her friend insisted on a bread baking workshop and that’s how Leena’s bakes, her venture was set for proofing! 

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Leena conducts bread baking workshops twice a week wherein she teaches all different kinds of breads. From stuffed braided bread, garlic bread sticks to caterpillar and challah bread, learn everything you need to know about breads from Leena. She encourages the participants to learn it hands on, teaching them the tricks of baking a super soft loaf!
Leena is also an expert at tea cakes and conducts workshops for kids teaching them various cupcakes which they get to frost and eat!!
All the participants get to carry home their baked goodies along with a new confidence towards baking!
Leena also takes orders for Kitty and Birthday parties.
The reviews written by her many students complimenting her style of teaching, her simple easy to follow instructions and her passion for baking speak volumes about Leena’s proficiency and keep her motivated.
“I feel Baking is a super stress buster, as you are engaged in baking and don’t have any space or time to think about anything else! I simply love it and want everyone to bake there own Bread at Home!!!! It’s Super Easy!!! Signs off Leena with a smile.
Here’s wishing you happy baking and hope you achieve your dream of taking this initiative global.

To get in touch with Leena
Call/WhatsApp : 9011791905
Email id : [email protected]
Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/Leenas-BakesPune-1465574613748523/
Address: Baner, Pune