Her store is like a kaleidoscope of colours, only here the glass pieces are replaced by colourful and elegant glassware!
Meet ‪#‎MamtaJindal‬ of ‪#‎GlassCreeper‬, who is into retail and wholesale of imported glassware sourced from Turkey and Italy.
The brands available at Glass Creeper, her store in Rahatani, Pune, are PASABAHCE and BORMIOLLI ROCCO. PASABAHCE is the 2nd largest brand in the world. Glass Creeper mainly caters to the hotels, restaurants & corporate houses, besides retailing through their own store!
A visit to Glass Creeper and you will be mesmerised by the wonderful array of glassware on offer.
‘Our products are quite affordable and elegant with high quality and great pricing. We offer a huge variety of products to our customer base and a lot of styles we choose for our retail outlet reflects our personal taste’, smiles the elegant Mamta.

Having spent 15 years overseas, Mamta always dreamt of coming back to India and starting her own venture. Toying with various options, she finally settled for her first love, GLASSWARE! Having lived abroad and travelled all over the world, she has an enviable collection of glassware that she takes pride in. “Plastic products are considerably a bad lifestyle choice when we read so much adverse information about the plastic products being harmful to our own health and environment. So we took up this challenge of promoting glassware in and around Pune and doing our own bit for our environment. That’s how we entered this industry.” asserts Mamta.
There is a big demand for imported glassware in India and even though most of the products are indigenously produced, glassware is still imported.  Sooner or later, Mamta would love to see India exporting glassware instead of importing. That is the vision she has.
Mamta will soon launch her e commerce website for consumers to get access to glassware at the click of their mouse delivered at their doorstep.
She also holds exhibitions on glassware and bone china at societies and corporate houses.

Thank you Mamta for coming on board The LadyBug. May your beautiful glassware be the pride of every home and let us all work towards your dream of indigenously produced exquisite glassware!
Check Mamta’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GlassCreeper
Find Glass Creeper on Instagram http://instagram.com/glasscreeper

To get in touch with Mamta:
Email :[email protected] , [email protected]
Call/ WhatsApp : 9970747025, 9049988754.
Website- www.glasscreeper.com
Shop : 304 Garden Plaza, Rahatani, Pune

Do visit the store and avail attractive discounts on all products!