Home is the starting place of love, hopes and dreams! It is the place where sheltered from the negativity, we feel safe and protected. But there are times when certain unfavourable events occur and the need for some esoteric intervention to overcome these obstacles arises!
Meet Manali Chiplunkar‬ of ‪#‎VasttuSiddhi‬, a Vastu Shastra Consultant, who believes that positive energies can be harnessed in your homes with the use of pyramids without altering the structures.
Pyramid energy has been studied for its mystical preservative, healing and sometimes curative effects. The powers of Pyramid have been traditionally associated with the elevation of the super-consciousness. However there are many other effects of the Pyramid. Installation of pyramids at strategic places in your house opens new doors for prosperity and happiness. Inducing better health for you and your family, it helps shape your destiny, transforming your dreams and desires into reality!
Manali was always intrigued by the occult sciences, the study of a deeper spiritual reality that extends beyond pure reason and the physical sciences. To quench her thirst for knowledge, she undertook courses in Palm Reading, Astrology, Handwriting Analysis, Numerology and Pyara Vastu (Vastu with the help of Pyramids). While in Jaipur to do a course in Gemology, she met a family who had suffered a huge business loss. When she mentioned her expertise in the field of Pyra Vastu they were willing to try it out as it did not require any renovation. She studied the site carefully and installed the pyramids at strategic locations to ward off negativity and influence growth. Miraculously they noticed the positive effects and word spread and Manali got a lot of projects which she handled successfully.
Manali has done numerous site visits in and around Pune and has helped her clients overcome obstacles with the help of these pyramids.
She herself has experienced the power of these pyramids and can vouch for them.
Manali is also an expert at graphology and conducts handwriting analysis sessions for career counselling.
She is also looking for tie ups with architects and interior designers
Manali loves baking cakes in her spare time and also helps her mother in her jewelery designing business.
Thank you Manali for coming on board The LadyBug. May the power of pyramids bring stability in the lives you touch.

To get in touch with Manali,
Call/ Whatsapp: +91 8087929338
Email: [email protected]
Adress : Pimple Nilakh, Near Rakshak Society. Pune – 411027