She started learning German for the love of her life and eventually German became The Love of her Life. Meet ‪#‎ManasiKori‬ who found herself in the little strasse of a sleepy German hamlet of Ludwigsburg and the German Language gave her life a new meaning!
A different language is a different vision of life, and when you learn a foreign language it’s not just the language you learn but also the culture and the way of life of that country and that is what Manasi Kori specialises in. She is not only a language trainer who will teach you different words for the same things, but will teach you another way to think about things.
Manasi Kori moved to Germany with her husband equipped with only a smattering of German language and a bagful of inhibitions. But Germany welcomed her with open arms and fascinated by the German language and the culture she decided to pursue and gain proficiency in it. Learning the language from the Germans gives Mansi an edge. She did extensive courses in the German language from Inlingua, Stuttgart and interacting with the natives and learning the culture from her many German friends gave her the much needed confidence.
Back in india she took up a job as a German language expert with Macmillan Publishing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. She also worked with Inlingua Institute Bangalore, as a German language trainer and conducted various batches for more than 100 students.
Now in Pune, Manasi provides German Language Training and Coaching to working professionals, frequent travellers, homemakers, school and college students, students who want to pursue MS in Germany, and for all language lovers.
She has on offer customised A1-B2 courses. She also has designed special language only courses for housewives and young students which involve language learning without getting into the intricacies of grammar. These courses are situation and theme based helping them understand the nuances of the spoken language.
She also plans to start online German courses for children to develop a love for language in them.
‘My deeply embedded interest in the German language and culture motivates me to share my knowledge and develop language skills among German language lovers.’ signs off Manasi.
Manasi here’s wishing you all the very best for your venture. 

To get in touch with Manasi
Call/Whatsapp: 8600029947
Email: [email protected]
Address: Pimpale Saudagar, Pune

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