People who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do!! And Nishigandha is one such lady, passionate enough about coding to teach technology to the young, inquisitive minds! Nishigandha’s Programitra is an initiative aimed at developing problem solving and logical thinking skills in school children through computer programming!

Brimming with fresh and creative ideas that need to be tapped and channeled in the right direction, today’s children need someone to guide them and provide answers to their ‘out of the box’ questions. Nishigandha who loves this very quality of the children wants to catch them young and train them, through computer programming! A computer engineer from the reputed PICT, she uses her technical skills to do what she loves best, teach children! After spending 8 years in the corporate world as a lead software developer with BMC, Pune, Nishigandha decided to start PrograMitra for the love of programming and teaching. Taking the technology to the children, firing their imagination, guiding them to create and then seeing the magic reflected in their eyes gives Nishigandha immense satisfaction and a big boost to research, innovate and create!

Compushak, an indigenously built robotic platform developed by Programitra is an example of Nishigandha’s scientific approach and belief that affordability should not become a factor in learning physical world interaction.



The workshops and courses are designed to teach children to use computers as tools and not just toys. Nishigandha teaches them coding in a hands on way so that they can be  become creators of animations, games, Android applications, robots, etc.

Nishigandha has designed the curriculum using various age-appropriate technologies like MIT’s Scratch, MIT App Inventor, Google’s Blockly, etc.and believes that the world of programming goes much beyond just software development.

PrograMitra has a round the year programme which gives an in depth knowledge of programming to children. There are also intensive summer workshops during the vacations. With personalised attention, the children enjoy every bit of the byte they get from their compassionate teacher.

‘I loved the exciting activities with CodePad and am happy that we get to take it home. Great interactive teaching style with very good explanations, we were looking forward to come to every class.’ says Jui Deshpande, a junior coder.

With plans to take this technology to the underprivileged children and many more innovative programs planned under her initiative, Nishigandha is all geared for success for her venture PrograMitra.

So go ahead connect with Nishigandha and let your children explore the world of programming, because after all making a robot is much better than buying one off the shelf!!

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