Sometimes all it takes is someone to inspire us and then things somehow fall in place. Case in point is Pratiksha Walvekar an architect and a jewellery designer whose ex-boss encouraged her to explore other creative avenues apart from architecture and the beautiful world of jewellery designing beckoned her!
Today Pratiksha runs a creative venture Srujana arts, wherein she makes beautiful jewellery using various media like terracotta, cay, Thai clay, fabric, silk thread, et all!
It all started when encouraged by her employer, Pratiksha enrolled for a terracotta workshop. Creating something from the soft clay and moulding it to make attractive jewellery pieces gave Pratiksha a sense of satisfaction and soon she saw herself engrossed in the art of jewellery making. Exploring other media, Pratiksha did various workshops that taught her the fine art using Thai Clay, Air drying clay, Polymer and the works. Creating unique pieces in her spare time, she was encouraged by her colleagues who not only marvelled at her creations but also bought them and placed orders for more. This gave Pratiksha the courage to get into jewellery designing full time and she plunged herself headlong in the creative world.

Customising jewellery according to her clients likes, Pratiksha makes jewellery which is unique and exquisite. Each piece is different from the other and takes a lot of time and patience to see the light of the day, sometimes as long as a week. Each bead, each centrepiece is handcrafted and painted with utmost love and care and Pratiksha puts her heart into making jewellery! There are times when she has to discard some great creations because of a tiny flaw, but it’s all part of the game says Pratiksha and totally worth it!
Selling through her FB page, exhibitions and friends Pratikha has a strong client base and her designs are much sought after. Pratiksha also conducts workshops wherein she teaches the nuances of Jewellery making to young women with a creative bend. Kolhapur, Solapur, Islampur, Pune, Mumbai are some of the places where she has successfully conducted workshops.
Experimenting with terracotta, Pratiksha also makes home decor articles using clay as the medium. “I love using my hands to make unique pieces,” says Praiksha with a smile, “and my training in architecture comes handy when I’m creating my own designs!”
In love with all her beautiful creations, we wish Pratiksha a colourful and an enriching journey ahead.

To get in touch with Pratiksha,
Call/Whatspp: +91 8983641863
FB Page: Srujana arts
Email Id: [email protected]
Address : Walvekar Electronics
Gandhi Chowk, Islampur-415409
Dist – Sangli