City life is fulfilling but taxing. The rigours of a rigid corporate structure are such that relaxation is a rare reality. But amidst the hubbub of activities like spas, partying and weekend getaways there is The Gud Mud a relaxation centre with a twist! Situated in the lush green hills of Sahyadri, it offers a wholly unique de-stressing experience by connecting you to your creative side through various creative workshops.
Meet Purva Rane – founder of The Gud Mud and lover of all things relaxing. Purva wants people to rediscover what it’s like to really de-stress instead of partying and drinking the weekend away. Using the power of Mulshi’s calm surroundings and fresh air, Purva has come up with various workshops that will help participants de stress and to add to the entire experience, The GudMud also includes pickup and drop facilities within the package.
Purva believes that learning a new skill that involves hands-on efforts helps kick out destructive stress hormones. The list of hands-on activities offered at the workshops range from clay modelling to pottery, from gardening to miming, and from drama to baking. If you haven’t picked up a new hobby in a while then Purva can help find something that makes you click.
The workshops are powered not only by her network of certified trainers but also by the participants themselves. Purva relies on the energy that the guests bring with them. The Gud Mud is an ecosystem wherein the focus is not on learning but rather on detaching.

A one-day workshop consists of 8-10 participants and a host of trainers. A typical workshop begins with an interview forum which helps break the ice between the participants. The group then moves through the list of planned activities all of which revolve around re connecting and engaging your natural skills.
Purva comes from a diverse range of professional jobs ranging from banking to advertising and even NGO teaching and content writing. Between all of these varied jobs she discovered that her real pull was connecting with different people. The Gud Mud was conceptualised and executed only in January this year but her venture has seen a good response from a growing community of mothers and children (yes you can take your children with you!)
A creatively inclined person herself, Purva has come up with “The Gud Mud’ merchandise that is not only eco friendly but quirky and reflects the fun element of The GudMud

It’s only a matter of time before Purva’s business model enters corporate markets where employee-benefit schemes are a vital but missing link in the chain. After all, your mental health is also important to your well being.
So if you are looking to destress and enjoy the monsoon at the same time, go ahead and give Purva a call and enjoy your weekend at ‘The Gud Mud’!
Take a look at the schedule of creative and interesting workshops planned at The Gud Mud for June and July 2017.

To get in touch with Purva,
Call/Whatspp: +91 9922407778
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Address : Girivan, Pune, Maharashtra