When Rameshwari Vaishampayan‬ speaks you listen. Her sweet, lilting voice captivates you and you want her to break into a song so that you can close your eyes and let the soulful melodies engulf you.
Having studied with her in Fergusson college, have spent many a dull afternoons in the company of Rameshwari’s invigorating music. The age old walls of Fergusson college reverberated with her soulful melodies as she sang between breaks and students thronged to listen to her. Well today Rameshwari is an accomplished performer and people throng the auditoriums to hear her sing!
A Sangeet Visharad, Rameshwari started her training at a young age and has dedicated her life to the worship of music. Blessed by Gurus like Pandit Vikas Kashalkar, Nirmala tai Gogate and Anuradha Kuber, Rameshwari started her career under the guidance of O P Nayyar who mentored her and helped her develop her own unique style of singing. She further honed her skills by attending workshops by eminent music directors of the film industry who guide her regularly.
Having got the opportunity to perform with stalwarts early in her career, Rameshwari’s voice was noticed by many big directors and she has performed for many of them like, Shravan of Nadeem-Sharavan fame, Anandji of Kalyanji-Anandji, Suresh Wadkar, Naushad, to name a few!

Wth O P Nayyarji Wth Suresh Wadkar Ji
A professional performer, Rameshwari has been giving performances for more than 10 years. Through solo shows, she offers something new and different to the audience in terms of her choice of songs and presentation. A huge fan of Geeta Dutt, Rameshwari recreates the magic of Geeta Dutt’s soulful melodies and her audio visual show on the legendary singer is a big hit with the Punekars.
Her biggest compliment came from the legendary Kathak dancer Birju Maharaj ji who blessed her for her melodious renditions of his favourite songs.
Apart from giving performances, Rameshwari is also a ‪#‎MusicTherapist‬. Always intrigued by the beautiful quality of Indian Classical music to heal, Rameshwari did a diploma course in music therapy and is now a certified therapist and has successfully treated various medical ailments. Music therapy is a supplementary treatment and when taken along with allopathic treatment improves one’s chances of quicker and better recovery.
Music as a form of entertainment is very common, but Rameshwari would like to propagate the therapeutic aspect of music that can heal and has no side effects!
Taking classes in her spare time and teaching all age groups the nuances of music, Rameshwari imparts training in light and hindustani classical music.
Appreciated for her unique voice quality and expressive singing, Rameshwari has sung for various devotional albums, jingles, and has worked with talented music directors from the Marathi Film industry like Yashwant deo, Ashok Patki, Prabhakar Jog.

Wth Ashokji Patki
Composing music and looking for unique and creative themes for her performances, Rameshwari is thankful to her entire family including her 6 yr old son Dhruv for all their love, support and encouragement.
Rameshwari, may you continue your tryst with music and mesmerise many a Punekars with your soulful renditions.
To get in touch with Rameshwari,
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