An apple a day keeps the doctor away – But here’s one doctor you wouldn’t want to keep away!
Meet Rashi Sharma-Gupta, a senior spine consultant who quit her job to spend time with her family and pursue her hobbies, hobbies which she managed to mould into a profession – clay moulding and decoupage to be precise! Rashi’s story is a dream come true for the doctor who turned entrepreneur with Dreamy Designs.
It all began when Rashi realised that she wasn’t deriving a sense of satisfaction from her work. Family time was virtually non-existent and her kids felt that their mother was never around when they needed her. Her creative skills seemed to be withering away before her eyes as she put more of herself into her professional practice.
Like so many of us, she kept telling herself that she would find her true vocation in life “tomorrow”. That “tomorrow” finally came on a winter’s morning in January 2017. She decided to let go of her professional career and focus on enriching her artistic side and thus Dreamy Designs was born.
Specialising in a type of art known as #decoupage which involves gluing paper cutouts in interesting patterns on everyday household items, Rashi upcycles mundane products into pieces of art. Anyone looking to re-do their house interiors should check out Rashi’s collection of utilities like bottles, glasses, watch organizers, jewelry boxes, even kettles and planters! Simple yet alarmingly eye catching, Rashi’s art can give that arty, quirky touch to your homes. Customising designs according to her clients inputs Rashi comes up with lovely designs that are out of the box!

Another hobby high up in her product list is Thai clay art. Thai clay can be used to intricately mould anything from flowers to bonsai trees. In addition to crafting highly skilled home décor products, Rashi also sun-proofs and waterproofs everything using a home-made varnish.
Finding inspiration for her many products has never been a problem for Rashi who comes up with a variety of interesting artifacts one after the other! Taking part in various flea markets across town, Rashi is reaching out to her customers and building a strong base of happy customers who love her products.
In the next few years Rashi sees herself conducting workshops to teach arts and crafts exclusively to minors belonging to low socio-economic tiers. This noble thought comes from being a mother of two children. It is easy for her to imagine the plight of children who live on roadsides and wants to reinvest her earnings and give back to society.
We tip our hats to Rashi and wish her all the success in her future endeavours.

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