‘Birds of same feather flock together’ and all the clourful ones flock at Ekattha – The Design Faktory, a space for creative individuals to not only explore their creativity but also share their expertise with others.
Meet Rasika Tanmay Mehta Ekattha, whose co-working space is all about fine arts, painting, singing, baking and generally doodling to your heart’s content.
Workshops are the mainstay at Ekattha. Collaborating with an assortment of over 30 artists, Rasika organises training sessions for everyone between the age of toddler and grandparent. The featured artists are often from cities other than Pune, so there is a rich mix of culture as well as styles and techniques.
Describing the variety of activities offered at Rasika’s 1,100 sq.ft. studio is no mean task. There are workshops for painting, music, for culinary arts, tribal art like Madhubani and Gond, Lippan art and the works. You name the art and workshop pertaining to it will be available at Ekattha – The Design Faktory!

Sprouting from ground zero and blooming into an expanding business has taken Ekattha all of 8 months. Colourful though the story may seem, it hasn’t always been this rosy. As little as a year ago, Rasika hadn’t even thought of setting up shop.
Her profession prior to Ekattha was that of an interior designer. Being a painter and all round creative person meant that she soon grew out of the limited space offered by a monotonous desk job. She decided to delimit herself and boost her creative juices and quit her job.
For 9 months Rasika lived a detached lifestyle as she travelled and explored all of India. From Arunachal Pradesh to Punjab and Pondicherry to Jaipur, she sampled artwork created by the best artisans of India. All in all she gathered experiences from her travels until one day she realised that she could start her own venture and Ekattha was born.
Putting her mind and body into nurturing her venture, she endeavoured to get more and more artists under Ekattha’s umbrella in order to offer a rich experience to her customers. And through all this, there was the constant support from her mother and her husband.
Today, Ekattha has customers who are often seen booking workshop slots weeks in advance.
Rasika’s success story is one of many that Pune has to offer.
We wish Rasika the very best in her creative endeavour and would love to see her venture in more and more cities across India.

To get in touch with Rasika Tanmay Mehta,
Call/Whatsapp: 9975517501
Email:[email protected]
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/ekattha/
Address: 11/B, Ajay Apartments, Above Reebok Showroom, Near Parihar Chowk, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra 411007