From the by-lanes of Pune comes another innovative, entrepreneurial woman – Reena Yeole who quit her lucrative job in the banking sector and diverted her efforts into starting Ishii Fashions to pursue her passion with designing women’s clothing! Transforming notepad scribbles into works of art, Reena has gained many admirers and loyal clientele who vouch for her exclusive designs. Set in a foundation of tradition and simplicity, here is Reena’s inspiring story about her tryst with fashion.
Like most young businesses, Reena’s venture, Ishii Fashions was borne out of opportunity. As a banker working long hours, Reena found little time for creative pursuits. But she got a chance to explore her creativity when she helped her cousin prepare for exams in fashion design. Reena herself picked up a few pointers about fashion and designing dresses for women in the process. This got her thinking and combining the knowledge gained from helping her cousin as well as a 3 month long advanced course in kurti design, she decided on starting her own venture #IshiiFashions

Setting up stalls at exhibitions and flea markets, Reena interacted with her clients and found an untapped market comprising women who wanted unique kurtis made of authentic and traditional Indian fabrics. Using vivid handloom fabrics and block printing her own designs, Reena uses combinations of various design and printing styles from all over India like Ajrak, Indigo, Kalamkari and Ikat. Blending Western cuts and styles with Indian fabrics, Reena’s designs stand out and for their simplicity and perfect fit.
Reena is the only artistically inclined person in her family but business runs in her blood. Two generations of her family have run various businesses and inculcated in her the wisdom that failure is temporary and success requires hard work. Her father provided the initial investment to setup Ishii Fashions and thereafter Reena has never had to go back and ask for more funds. Ishii Fashions is a self sustaining business and Reena hopes to grow it into a boutique with its own tailoring, block printing and customising unit.
With Ishii Fashions, Reena hopes to tap the potential market of traditional fashion that has seen a decline due to the onset of Western outfits and fashion trends.
We hope to see Reena’s venture bloom into a multi-city business.
To get in touch with Reena Yeole,
Call/Whatsapp: 8149799760
Email: [email protected]
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Address: Navipeth, near Mhatre bridge, Pune.