‘The world is full of good things…. but the way you capture them, make them look awesome!’ says Ritu Narula of Ritu’s Photography, a talented photographer who captures moments for eternity!
When you go through Ritu’s portfolio of pictures, you experience all emotions possible. From ecstasy to exhilarations, her pictures speak a thousand words! Capturing the mundane and sensationalising it for posterity is what Ritu does best! Her love and passion for photography is reflected in each and every picture.
Ritu’s body of work is quite extensive, from Product, Food, Portraits, Candid, to Toddlers, Travel and Street photography, Ritu can capture anything to everything that she lays her eyes on!
A teacher by profession, and a freelance photographer by passion, Ritu started to click photographs while on an international assignment in South East Asia and soon found herself doing a course in photography in Thailand to strengthen her basics! 

Originally from dil walon Ki Delhi, and having lived in places rich in culture like Chennai and Thailand, she’s always been lucky to get an opportunity to satisfy her creative angle! ‘When I’m out clicking, all I need is my camera and the anxiety to find new perspective with a fresh mind’. Says Ritu with passion in her eyes!
She further adds, “It’s like capturing the moment! A moment once beautifully captured stays with you all your life. Having said that, I simply love to click as I love to find uniqueness in things that are simply lying around me.”
Happy to be a part of The LadyBug, Ritu would like to share her passion with the wonderful women of the community.
So if you are looking for someone who will immortalise the lovely products you make then give Ritu a call and she will do justice to your art!
Ritu here’s wishing you a lot of ‘say cheese’ moments and may your pictures spread happiness all the way!

To get in touch with Ritu,
Call/Whatsapp: 9011020886
Email: [email protected]
FB page: www.facebook.com/ritusphotography