In our fast paced lives, we often overlook what we put in our stomach and this can have an adverse effect in future. However, Sarika Nair of SlimnHappy will help you transform your life for the better.
A diet and life style consultant currently based in Mumbai, Sarika is a firm believer in the power of food and eating healthy. Sarika ventured into the realm of health food in the pursuit of finding tasty yet healthy food options for her daughter. Her interest in this field grew, and she decided to pursue an initial 3 month course from Dadar. Being a hands on mom and managing to be at the top of her class, Sarika took up a post graduate year-long diploma at VLCC in Dietetics and Nutrition.
Sarika believes that if taken with the right knowledge, food is the best medicine for the body. Having worked in the industry for a while now, Sarika has managed to create an understanding amongst her clientele regarding the various myths and realities.Sarika’s expertise ranges from Weight loss diets,Weight gain diets
Detox Diets, Diets for Children, Diet for Night shift workers,
Therapeutic Diets and so on.
Sarika’s venture Slim n Happy has become a reputed brand. With a hundred percent success rate, especially when it comes to weight loss, Sarika emphasises upon the feeling of happiness within the individual. “I tell my clients to forget the number on the weighing scale and focus instead on whether they are feeling satisfied and happy with their routine and lifestyle,” states Sarika. She also conducts numerous workshops across Pune and Mumbai, and helps people to move to a healthy lifestyle. She hopes to conduct workshops across all major cities, plans to start her own YouTube channel very soon, thereby making health tips and tricks universally accessible.
Sarika, we hope you scale new heights of success in your quest of spreading a healthy way of life!

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To get in touch with Sarika,
Call/Whatsapp: 09987543000
Email id: [email protected]
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