What you write about yourself talks a lot about who you are! So when what you write is going to make a difference to your work life then get written about from the best! Well we are talking about Supriya Pandit Arondekar, who is a professional ‪#‎ResumeWriter‬ and can help you draft that perfect resume that will give you a lot of traction!
‪#‎ResumeWriting‬‪#‎CoverLetters‬‪#‎ProfileWriting‬ are some of the services offered by Supriya. Cutting edge Styling and Editing, In depth Research & Analysis of market trends, Excellent Interpersonal skills with a quick turnaround time is Supriya’s USP. She also offers ample revisions to tune your resume to your satisfaction and is available for discussion with you to understand your profile and the jobs that you are targeting in a better way.
Crisp, Clear, and to the point a good resume should get candidates invitations to interview for jobs. A good resume has just enough information about the applicant’s qualifications to pique the recruiter’s curiosity, yet not so much that the recruiter or hiring manager learns everything he needs to know without the benefit of an interview. Good resumes have format, structure and content characteristics that lesser resumes lack and who better than Supriya to guide you with it!
Supriya, a Bachelor in Statistics, chanced up resume writing when she saw an ad by Monster.com in the Times Ascent for resume writing. She further honed her skills by working with Timesjobs.com and getting training from Singapore and US companies.
Currently working with US jobsites and freelancing for Indian Clients, Supriya has perfected the art of writing the impeccable resumes that will make an impact on the employer!
‘Would you get your car serviced by a novice? Then why your Resume? Your Resume is like your advertisement where every word counts. Moreover it gets only a few seconds to really make an impact, would you then still prefer creating one from those same boring templates?’ asks Supriya who rightly believes that your resume is your window to the corporate world and the opening or shutting of it depends a lot on the way it is written!`
Supriya also plans to train people in writing resumes so that she can build a team of efficient writers who can meet the demand of resume writing. Being a niche segment, Supriya is focusing on reaching out to people and convincing them the importance of getting their resumes written by a professional writer which makes all the difference!
So if you are looking to apply for jobs or know someone who is looking out for jobs, get in touch with Supriya who will draft the perfect resume for you that’ll guarantee an interview at your dream work place!
Supriya here’s wishing you a great journey ahead writing resumes for many an individuals and changing their lives for the better.