A  litterateur, Surabhi found poetry in the threads of the Maheshwari saree, the gentle fall of the fabric, the grace of the texture, the vibrancy of the colours, inspiring her to weave a tale around them and thus was born her venture #Threads Tales, an endeavour that brings to you the creativity & skills of the Maheshwari artisans and weavers of India.

From dupattas to stoles and Of course the gorgeous nine yard, Surabhi has a vast collection of hand picked beauties. She gives her own touch to the saree,  making it exquisite and exclusive. Surabhi has tied up with various weavers and artisans across India and gets the sarees painted from them. From Madhubani, Warli to Gond art, Surabhi combines the age old tribal art with the traditional maheshwari fabric and the result is phenomenal! Using the saree as a canvas Surabhi comes up with beautiful products.


Surabhi comes from the defense background and she got many opportunities to interact with the artisans and the weaver of rural India and that gave her an idea of bringing their talent and skill to the cities. She was particularly impressed by the feel, comfort and elegance of handloom Maheshwari silk fabric. To introduce it to her friends, she hand-picked the Hand-woven Maheshwari Sarees and Dupattas and circulated it amongst them. It was an instant hit with them. She also did exhibitions and got a good response and that’s when she took her venture seriously. After a lot of research, Surabhi realised that these traditional sarees can be given a modern twist. She tied up with weavers & artisans and suggested different designs and patterns, experimenting with ornamenting the fabric with the traditional art-work  like Batik, Zardosi, Gond, Madhubani, Warli, which made them look grand and exquisite. Educating the weavers about the designs, giving them colour combinations, is what Surabhi really enjoys and this process gives her a creative high! There has been no looking back for her after these efforts.

‘The satisfaction of creating exclusive designs and the excitement with which it’s received by the customers, keeps me on the go. I would like to grow this into a well known brand. Women should associate style with Threads and Tales.’ Signs off the demure Surabhi wearing a gorgeous nine yard I have my eyes on!

Surabhi here’s wishing you all the luck for your venture.

And if you are looking for that ever youthful, elegant creation called Saree, go ahead and give Surabhi a call.

To get in touch with Surabhi,

Call/ Whatsapp:  Cell Phone: 9049343283

Email: [email protected]




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