It’s not every day that you get bitten by the ‘creative keeda’, but when you do, it possesses you and transforms your entire being
Meet ‪#‎Swati‬ and ‪#‎Tina‬ from Pune, two friends who met in the quest of creativity and ended up starting a venture #Hozho-‪#‎DreamCatchers‬ThatTellAStory!
Swati and Tina, both worked at a pre school and were involved in a lot of creative activities. There while teaching about Native American history to the young ones, they came across the concept of dream catchers. The dreamcatchers are hand woven objects that filter out all bad dreams and only allow good thoughts to enter the mind. Fascinated by the idea, they ended up making one for the children!
Further intrigued by the concept, they attended a workshop on weaving a dream catcher and that’s when they realised that they had found their dream venture and thus Hozho was born.
Swati and Tina make beautiful dream catchers to suit one’s personality! The colours they use, the charms they put in the centre, even the tiny beads that are sourced from the corners of the world that they weave in, all have some significance. Their dream catcher comes with a story that is both fascinating and soothing to the soul! While experimenting with colours and the weaving techniques, they thought of incorporating charms in a dream catcher, giving it a spiritual twist! The charm not only sits pretty but has a great significance, so your dream catcher will not only keep nightmares at bay but will also pass on the qualities of the charm bringing balance, order, harmony and beauty in your life!
Borrowing from colour therapy while weaving the dream catcher, the spiritually inclined Tina and Swati pass on their positive vibrations to the dream catcher they make. The end product is not just an object, but a piece of their heart, reflecting their passion for creativity!
Being innovative, they both would like to incorporate dream catchers in various accessories, so they have designed pendants, earrings, keychains with tiny dream catchers. They also intend to expand their product range and reach out to a greater audience.With workshops in the pipeline, they want to spread the art of dream catcher weaving. Tina and Swati believe in giving back to the society and will be training women from the lower strata of the society to help them in their journey!
Using only synthetic feathers, they weave magic to bring balance and harmony in your life. Their products are available through their Facebook page @Hozho and at various exhibitions. Their venture, even though only a couple of months old, already has a number of satisfied customers who keep coming back for more! And yes they do personalise dream catchers according to their clients demand!
Hozho literally means Balance, order, harmony, beauty, ideal, goodness, symmetry, health, happiness,satisfying, perfection, wholeness, blessedness and is an all in one holistic dynamic concept and process! Swati and Tina found their Hózhó in creating these beautiful Dream catchers,
So.. go ahead.. find your Hózhó in one of their beautifully hand crafted Dream Catchers!


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