Her grey haired students eagerly wait for their computer class to start. Restless and impatient they wonder if they’ll be any wiser by the end of it. In walks Vaibhavi bringing in the much needed confidence and charm and they are assured that they are in good hands!
Meet ‪#‎VaibhaviRege‬, Founder, ‪#‎SeniorNetizens‬, Pune, wherein she teaches the young at heart the wonders of the web including Whatsapp, Facebook, Online shopping, Blogs etc.
Vaibhavi a commercial artist from the Raheja School of Arts, Mumbai, wanted to do something for the elderly who are otherwise neglected or remain confined to their homes. The world of internet opens a whole lot of opportunities for them but unfortunately most of them are technologically challenged! Even handling the iPads and laptops is overwhelming for them. What they need is somebody to encourage them to confidently access the internet. They need to be taught with a lot of patience and compassion and Vaibhavi does all that.
She gingerly guides them as a loving grand daughter and boosts their confidence to log on while opening up a whole new avenues for them!
Senior Netizens was launched in the year 2009 as a tribute to Vaibhavi’s grandmother. Through this venture she has taught many senior citizens, her oldest student being all of 87!
Vaibhavi needs a batch of 4-6 students, she then goes to their place to teach them in their comfort zone. Giving them back to school assignments she makes learning interesting and fun. The seniors not only become net savvy but end up making friends. Her 7 day classes are aimed at making the elderly confident users of the Internet.
One of her students, Vaijayanti puts it beautifully,
“61 years, we ‘oldies’ feel really handicapped where the Computer or in today’s age the iPad is concerned!
That’s when, I approached Vaibhavi and implored her to teach me on my iPad. This was the beginning of my Computer Class for the Elderly. A class of 6 students for 7 days, was the most beautiful experience. We returned confident and satisfied.
She patiently, waded along with us, into the world of computers. She introduced us to different types of browsers, messengers, online ticket booking, download and upload photos, shopping online, order food online, write blogs. More importantly, she also showed us how to connect with people on Facebook, download apps on iPad and made it extremely interesting.
We bonded so well and had fun learning all that was initially very intimidating.
Thanks to this elegant little lady, we are no more illiterate or scared of technology!”

Vaibhavi wants to keep her venture very simple, non intimidating and personal. ‘I feel blessed when I’m with all the aji ajobas and the flowers I receive on Teachers day just make me feel special!’ signs off Vaibhavi.
It’s not often that you meet beautiful people like Vaibhavi, but when you do, you cherish them forever!
Thanks Vaibhavi for being part of The LadyBug community! Hope you touch many more lives through your venture!

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To get in touch with Vaibhavi :
Email : [email protected]
Call/ WhatsApp : 9850956568