Memories of childhood bring back memories of my grandmother and her soft lulling voice telling me stories. Stories of fairies, of great kings of the land, of the freedom struggle. Everything that I needed to know about history was taught in the form of stories!
My aji is no more but the stories remain in my heart.
Continuing this traditional art of storytelling is ‪#‎VaishaliKulkarni‬ of ‪#‎TheStoryStation‬, Aundh, Pune.
Vaishali, an avid reader and a passionate storyteller runs The Story Station, Pune’s very own Literary center for avid readers as well as the uninitiated ones who want to explore the world of books and stories. Vaishali is TEFL trained with teaching experience in Hong Kong along with storytelling projects in Hong Kong and a Certified Reading facilitator.
9 years ago, on the dusty streets of Pune, after seeking permission from the Pune Cantonment board, Vaishali began storytelling on the streets of MG road for both, children and adults. Eventually the crowds doubled and so did her passion for storytelling for she believes that these stories may further lead children and adults to the creative world of books!
Keeping this vision in mind, Vaishali has now opened The Story Station where they make reading fun with their various interactive sessions and workshops.
“The Story Station is not an activity center, by that, we mean, that every step we take brings you closer to the stories you read with us and several steps closer to discovering the LOVE for reading. We want people to step in, pick up a book and be transported to another universe.” smiles Vaishali
The Story Session works under 4 categories –
[a] Read for the love of reading – reading to your toddler, book clubs for adults and children, author based programs, meeting authors and poets, exploring the world of stories with outdoor expeditions,
[b] Read to be Read – Our program works at opening the world of creative writing, food critiquing, travel writing and various other formats to all our participants of all ages.
We also work at getting literary contributions and creations published on virtual sites and with local publications houses.
[c] Read to Express -The Read to Express programs works with budding authors and rookie writers to convert their story into screenplay. The stage performances are one act, drama or even as grand as musicals.
[d] Literary games – fun team games, crossword making, word challenges, puzzle contests etc
“ Stories transported me to another world and I was always driven to show the wonders of books to the world today. This drove me to tell stories on the streets and encourage every passer-by to pick up a book and read. I moved from a demanding career in Clinical research & branding to the a path that fed my passion and my love for working among people.’ signs off Vaishali.

Vaishali, we hope every child embarks on a magical journey of stories through your venture The Story Station!

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To get in touch with Vaishali:
Email : [email protected]
Call/ WhatsApp : 98202 29003
Address: 202 Saeesh Apartment, ITI road, Aundh
Pune, India