Varsha is a lady entrepreneur from Pune who is looking to change the way we think about our food. House-hold products like detergents, groceries and cosmetics which are manufactured by multi-national corporates are harmful to the environment and to the people who consume them. Unfortunately, awareness about such facts is minimal and that is exactly what Varsha wants to change using her brand -‘ Sustainable Living Merit Eco-Bazaar’.

Varsha and her husband moved to Pune about four years ago where they met a friend who runs an organic farm. Inspired by the hands-on method of harvesting eco-friendly products, she decided to start her own brand of products to create awareness about the harmful effects of chemicals and fertilizers on the environment.
Over the course of the last one year, Varsha has invested in a diverse range of organic, eco-friendly products. Her line-up includes biodegradable detergents, naturally grown eco-friendly disposables, self watering and water saving flower pots and millet based healthy food.
Millets are popular in South India and are known to be very healthy. They are rich in minerals like Iron and Calcium and are proven to reduce cholesterol and the risk of cancer among other diseases. Varsha, being a South Indian, realised the health benefits that residents of Pune were missing out on. She has introduced a range of ready-to-cook millet based food mixes like instant dosa and upma.
Varsha also promotes A2 milk and milk products which are produced using milk from Indian cows as opposed to Jersey cows. The benefits of A2 milk products range across several health factors like diabetes, cardiac problems, mental disorders and obesity. Milk from Jersey cows, on the other hand, contains toxins that can cause cancer in the long run.
Commercialisation has forced farmers to buy Jersey cows to support their businesses, thereby supplying harmful products to consumers. Varsha’s efforts have been directed towards bringing this issue to the front pages. She also promotes Panchagavya based Goveda products which include ghee, butter and milk products made from pure cow milk.
Just like any entrepreneurial venture, income has been slow to rise. However, Varsha hopes that things will improve over the next two years. Once that happens, Varsha plans to open an Experience Centre in Pune where she will conduct workshops which will teach people how to make organic products within the confines of their homes.
We stand beside Varsha in her efforts to spread the word about healthy living.

To get in touch with Varsha,
Call/Whatsapp: +91 8149706013
Email: [email protected]
Address: 402 B, Orchid Serenity, Near Sus-Pashan Bridge,Baner Pune