The fast paced city life often makes us crave for some wanderlust, done that rucksack and explore new places. The problem is – the lack of opportunity and not enough options to suit your needs. However, Vidula Andromeda of BuffyFish is your person, who’ll ensure you have a memorable holiday, at your convenience!

A former IT professional, and an eternal traveller by heart, the love of travel has been a constant in Vidula’s life. A widely travelled expert herself, she has visited more than 27 countries across 5 continents over the last 12 years.She strongly believes in the therapeutic powers of travel, and wanted to give everyone the opportunity to experience the exhilaration themselves. 

Thus she came up with BuffyFish, a platform for women to get together, explore and travel together, all over the world. Vidula along with her dedicated team of experts customise trips to any destination in the world, specialising in leisure, luxury and adventure trips, for the entire family as well. The best part is, your budget for the trip is taken into consideration too! Vidula’s mantra is that the quality of experience offered makes a huge difference, and aims to ensure that every customer has an exceptional time!

‘Putting a smile on a customer’s face everyday motivates me. I just
want this world to be a happier place,’ says Vidula. With plans to make BuffyFish a global travel platform, she hopes to have travellers across the globe one day.

Wake up the traveller in you, and give Vidula a call today, for a journey like no other!

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To get in touch with Vidula,
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Facebook Page: BuffyFish