Travelling in itself is a happy feeling. Sharing the experiences just makes it worth!
Meet Vidula Andromeda‬, founder of BuffyFish‬ – a travel and experience company. BuffyFish, a women only travel company caters to the various travel needs of women.
Vidula a passionate traveller has been to more than 22 countries across 4 continents. She quit her high profile job with the IT industry to do what she does best, Travel and to do it for a living was a dream come true!
There are many women, who love to travel and since traveling is very personal, they love to travel alone. Traveling is about meeting strangers and making friends as you go along. BuffyFish is a platform, where women can meet other women-folk, make new friends and travel with them.
Through her maiden trip, ‘The Coastal Diaries’ Vidula, went exploring the coast of the Indian Peninsula, along with 6 other wonderful women, over 28 days, across 8 states. She did this in the Mahindra Scorpio Adventure, starting her journey in Mumbai, and ending it in Kolkata, West Bengal.
Since then she has travelled with women to many destinations.
Recently, in June-July 2015, BuffyFish completed a successful trip to Ladakh.The girls had a great time and took back long-lasting memories with them.
She has many more interesting destinations that’ll give you memories all over the world!
As I write about Vidula sitting in my room, surrounded by the menacing walls, an urge to travel, to break the routine, overpowers me, well I’ve already made my plans to join Vidula on her next trip. What about you? Are u game to fly away with the Buffy Fish?

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