After the scorching summer we are all set to welcome the monsoon showers. In this season our body is susceptible to many health issues as our immunity is reduced. As the humidity in atmosphere is high, the body’s digestive capacity also goes down.

Here are few important points to keep in mind this season.

  •         Avoid oily, fried and street foods or any foods that are prepared in bulk due to its unhygienic practices of food preparation. This may also result in stomach upset.
  •         One can eat liberal amounts of fruits during this season, but after washing them thoroughly under running water.
  •         Drink only boiled or purified water to protect you from harmful waterborne bacteria.
  •         Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. Surprisingly, dehydration is possible in this season.
  •         Excessive amount of tea & coffee can dehydrate body fluids.
  •         To increase body’s immunity & enhance its digestive power, one can add dash of garlic/ ginger/ pepper/ asafoetida/ turmeric/ jeera etc. to soups, stir fries or curry that you’ll consume
  •         Divide the meals into 5-6 times a day. For proper digestion of the food.
  •         Washing of fruits & vegetables mainly green leafy vegetables & vegetables like cauliflower etc. is very important as it is not only contains larvae & worms but also collects dirt from the streets.
  •         You can soak green leafy vegetables in vinegar solution for 10mins & then thoroughly wash it with plain water (30 ml vinegar in ½ litre water). Vinegar kills 99% of the bacteria.
  •         When you are eating out in a restaurant avoid eating raw food preparation & raw salads. Rather opt for cooked & steamed foods like idli, steamed rice, dals etc.
  •         If you are craving for fruit juice, prepare it at home & consume it immediately. Do not drink from the street vendors due to unhygienic practices of preparation.

By Trupti Tamhane


B.Hsc in Food Science & Nutrition, Mumbai University

P.G. Diploma in Dietetics & Applied Nutrition, Mumbai University

[email protected]