An inspiring article shared by a dear friend (written by an UNKNOWN SOURCE), perfectly validates our belief that every woman has the potential to be a successful entrepreneur.

So lets get started ladies. There’s so much to achieve!

Read on!


Entrepreneurship is necessary to initiate the process of economic development in any country. The total percentage of female population in India is 48.27% however very small part of this number comprises of high growth women Entrepreneurs. Now this is a very surprising factor especially when the fact is that women are natural entrepreneurs. The skills that entrepreneurs require are inbuilt in Women’s DNA and they need not study business management for the same. Let us look at some of these traits in details.

1. Women are naturally visionary

A vision is an idealized picture of the future of the business or organization. A vision brings meaning to entrepreneurs work, mobilises their actions and helps them decide their action plans. Similarly women are driven by the overriding purpose in their life and develop a vision for their families, children and work towards achieving this vision. Women always make an effective and strong vision to which the entire family commit themselves.

2. Multitasker

Entrepreneurs need to branch out in many directions to get their job done. Women are inherently designed to handle multitasking. Last month we met a Mompreneur who has a 2 month old baby and she has already resumed her start-up while ensuring development of her baby and managing her family affairs. Another common observation of this skill is women talking on the phone, watching their favorite soap opera and cooking at the same time; and mind you they perfectly accomplish each of these tasks.

3. Fund Managing

For entrepreneurs managing their funds is a more important task than raising funds. Who better than a woman can handle the financial aspects? We have seen it umpteen numbers of times the way woman land up saving even with a tight rope budget. Ask a homemaker for funds during the last few days of the month and she will surprise you with the amount of savings she makes. In India most of the top financial company managers, also comprise of women.

4. Human Resources

Entrepreneurs need to be good human resource managers who are constantly recruiting customers, investors and team members to achieve their vision. Over 60% of HR jobs across industry segments are dominated by Women. The reason is women are people focused and have a knack for recognizing performers. Whether it’s nurturing the children and instituting values or recruiting a support staff, women lead their way in managing their human resources in the best way.

5. Decision making

Entrepreneurs need to be good decision makers for managing their resources. They need to trust their instincts, know when to say goodbye and support their teams. Women have higher quality decision making ability that makes them more effective. Women dwell long on exploring various aspects on topics where they need to take decisions; they tend to collect data and clues. Women are also emotionally stronger which helps them take rational decisions.

One can go on to prove how women are natural entrepreneurs, however we often come across very few women entrepreneurs. Women should focus on developing and enhancing their skill sets and work towards starting their own business and become financially independent.

“A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.” – Melinda Gates