A very big Thank You Ananta for graciously accepting the prominent role of The LadyBug mentor. May your love and warmth benefit aspiring and upcoming LadyBug Entrepreneurs and help them as a GPS  would, in their entrepreneurial journey.

A message from Ananta, in her own words to all of us :

“The GPS?!

Our role with regard to the members of LadyBug would be similar to that of the GPS. 🙂 In this case however, it would be for the Soul. GPS for the SOUL. From exploring multiple route options, re-routing, finding directions to validating progression; the individuals could benefit as long as they are able to receive a signal. These metaphors could be applied in various cases in the Entrepreneurial World. Some choose to use the GPS, some don’t. We honour each individual’s choice.


To run a business and a family is a great task.

We are willing to help those who may ask for guidance and more importantly are willing and ready to receive. Our processes involves a journey inside-out. Self-Care, Self-Love, Self-Acceptance (of strengths and weaknesses), Willingness to do what is necessary to evolve, Self-Appreciation, Strengthening Intuition vs. Instinct are some of the core aspects each one would find themselves working with at some point in their lives. Balancing work and family could bring up Overwhelm, Self-doubt, Self-blame, Guilt, Anger, Anxiety, Fear of Failure, Fear of Success, Jealousy and so on; it could be individuals undergoing this process or another, feeling it towards them or their business. Regardless of the question, the answer will take one towards the core question ‘WHO AM I’?

Businesses adds value to an individual’s life and in turn they love adding value to the society. How beautiful it would be to strengthen our core-values!

Our participation could involve Q&As in person or online, One-on-one counselling, Group Activities/ Workshops/ Retreats.”