Ketaki’s profile in her own words :


I like to refer to myself as the  “Corporate Fire Fighter” 🙂

What does that mean?? Well, honestly everything that is needed to run the company, Ofcourse not technically (maybe that too had i been technically qualified!) but essentially executing whats needed and showing the Fire exits.


HARDCORE Operations individual at heart with an entrepreneurial attitude of ownership in responsibility. Instrumental in setting up Organization’s Operations throughout my career with special liking for Human Resource & Finance. Always focused on strategy and planning which keeps me on top of $$$ for revenue and cost.

Experience has taught me this and much more and i still learn everyday.


Current Professional Background:

o Heading Mobikon’s India operations from the early days (April 2008) in the capacity of a founding member.

o Assisted Clairvoyant Infotech Inc in CA, US (Bay Area) with IT recruitment and Account Management

o Assisted with KCPL Infra Tech helping them setting up and running with HR and Operations


Areas of Expertise:

o People Management

o Financial Operations Management

o Sales Operations

o Operations Management with setting up processes and policies

o Strategic Planning – Preparation of Small to Medium Sized Enterprise Strategy


Specialities: Human Resource,Financial and Sales Operations

Working Segments: B2B and B2C Platforms – Hospitality, Retail and Industrial Construction


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