As I sat painting on a dull Sunday afternoon, my friend walked in. She looked at my work of art with admiration and said – “I wish I was as creative as you are…”Aren’t you” , I said handing over an empty canvas. “All yours, do what you want to”. She looked at me with disbelief – “Are you kidding me”! “Well no, just go ahead and splash it with colours, make it yours!”. With shaky hands she dipped the brush in colours and went wild. After a good one hour the canvas looked resplendent, bathed in an array of colours. Undiscovered, raw yet beautiful! Just like my friend who realised for the first time that there was a creative streak in her which was untapped for so long.


What is creativity? Is it painting, dancing, sculpting?…Well it is but there’s also a lot more to it. It is looking at ourselves in a different light, it is a strong belief in ourselves to do things differently..It could be anything…Taking a new route while walking, cooking up a story for your child, dancing to a new tune. But most importantly it is about getting up and getting started, doing something different and believing in it, it is getting out of the four walls and exploring the unexplored.


Life is like a big canvas and many a times we are so busy making monochromatic patterns that we fail to realise that wild splashes of colour can give it a different perspective.

We are caught in the grind that we don’t notice the beauty around us. And if we don’t notice the beauty we cannot translate it into our lives. So stop, notice, be different, be creative. There is a whole new world waiting for you, to explore, to make it your own. Go create something today.


You need a push and a hand.

We’ll give you both.

Come out of the four walls,

Do something. Get noticed.


Team ‘The LadyBug’