What is The LadyBug?

We’re a strong women community aiming to build a self sufficient ecosystem among women.

This community will provide a platform for homemakers and women entrepreneurs to showcase their talent, network with other fellow members and market their products/services online.

It will be an ecosystem among women, where we help each other flourish in our respective areas of work, share knowledge, interact amongst ourselves, get motivated and inspired!

We come out of our shells and showcase our talent, get recognised and grow.

Why ?

All women have a creative streak in them. Pursuing an activity we like, letting the creative juices flow gives us a high. A platform where we can display and market our created products or services will be an added benefit.

We in our daily lives are looking for things which we wish were easily available and affordable. We are looking for either gifts for birthday parties , house warming parties ; home decor ; classes for kids, dress designers ; tailors ; books and the list just goes on…

We also have questions regarding recipes, finance, art – any and every aspect of life.

This community connects the women and helps them find a solution for their queries.


How ?

There are two parts to this platform :

  1. Vendor
  2. Member


Home Makers, women entrepreneurs having a product to offer or providing a service will register as vendors. The products and services will be categorised functionally and geographically.

For example :

Functional Categories – Beauty, Baking, Catering, Music , Home decor, Health etc

Geographical Categories – Baner, Kothrud, Koregaon Park etc


Women who want to avail the services , join discussion forums, share knowledge, ask queries – will sign up and become  members.

There will be member to member interaction which even the vendors can access and provide relevant solutions.

An expert panel also will be onboard who would periodically share their knowledge.


Who ?

All women who have a talent to showcase and need a platform for the same.

All women who wish they could have easy access to various services pertaining to their daily routine.