The LadyBug Member Details

Name                                           Business                                  Contact Details  

Aarti Mahajan Style Route [email protected] 7798423757
Abha Kaisare AAU Naturals [email protected] 9167732118
Akshaya Desai MommySutra [email protected] 9619551883
Amita Deshpande Sankha sarees [email protected] 9011059163
Anita Kanojia Home Baker [email protected] 8605997033
Annapurna Kupast Serendipity [email protected] 9423241439
Anuradha Pendse Srujanarts [email protected] 9822873198
Anuradha Shinde Wrap n Pleat [email protected] 9881060105
Anushka Joshi Vivan Ethnics [email protected] 9730034230
Ashwini Ambike Colours of India [email protected] 9850174780
Asmita Dikshit Tasmayee Creations (hand crafted jewellery) [email protected] 7798931319
Auradha Nahar Make up Artist n Goan Comida [email protected] 9823931147
Avni Chahal Chahal Pehal [email protected] 9823585405
Bhairavi Malkani A Creative Box [email protected] 9833548881
Chaitali Tanniwar & Punam Creative Doodle [email protected] 9960544374
Deepti Das [email protected] 9483949250
Deepti Dhonsale Sentido Tshirts [email protected] 9923254830
Garima Agarwal Fit2GiftIdeas [email protected] 9158992221
Gayatri Gadgil Kathaansh [email protected] 9850919955
Geetanjali Rao Art from Heart [email protected] 9325301646
Girija Naik Kitchen Confidence [email protected] 9168070077
Gouri Jadhav Earth Alliance ; Mango Mango [email protected] 9325206907
Tina & Swati Hozho – DreamCatchers [email protected] 9923334246
Kavita Kowshik Mai Maati Foundation [email protected] 9657002963
Kavita Nerikar Sweet Retreat [email protected] 9923114319
Ketaki Torane Craft Village [email protected] 9850615866
Kshipra Panchami Creations [email protected] 9819158935
Leena Yengle Leena’s Bakes [email protected] 9011791905
Leenata Leenata’s Jewellery [email protected] 9527004141
Manasee Mahajan Mind Brew [email protected] 7722078330
Meenal Jain I and colour [email protected] 7743834707
Moushami Shah [email protected] 9881257032
Nikita Puntambekar Kamakshi [email protected] 9623449276
Nishigandha Palshikar Program Mitra [email protected] 7030498800
Pooja Bhandari Toy Genie [email protected] 9850893855
Pooja Doshi Miraya Arts [email protected] 9920181895
Pooja Tabib Kalavruksha [email protected] 9922831635
Prachi Behre The Art Corner [email protected] 7030530390
Prachi Hanumante Zumba trainer [email protected] 8888325472
Prachi Patwardhan Girlz jewellery [email protected] 9902465003
Pradnya Gellicious Gleams [email protected] 9822307589
Prajakta Tembe PrajDip [email protected] 9561121225
Pranali Khot Chocolate bouquet [email protected] 7755991429
Pratiksha Srujana [email protected] 8983641863
Preeti Vernekar Craft Identity [email protected] 8408048000
Priti Desai Artrex [email protected] 9850722631
Priyanka Gupta Progressive Edge Pre school [email protected] 9673192121
Purva Rane Gud Mud [email protected] 9561308686
Rachana Aserkar MustHaves [email protected] 9850496754
Radhika Jadhav Travel 9765942323
Ragini Sultania Party Stylist [email protected] 9687659067
Rajini Chinnari Anish Handmades [email protected] 8411970033
Rashi Gupta [email protected] 7838373083
Rashmi Ponkshe Magnifi-Scenes [email protected] 9011073355
Rasika Mehta Ekattha [email protected] 9975517501
Reena Yeole Ishi Fashions [email protected] 8149799760
Ritu Nirula Photographer [email protected] 9011020886
Sadhana Jadhav Grace Fusion [email protected] 9821192580
Samina Boutique [email protected] 9604393289
Sarika Nair Slim n Happy [email protected] 9987543000
Sayali Bhide Parishkar Diamonds [email protected] 9049029062
Sheetal Dixit The Blue Fairy [email protected] 9766621412
Shravani Kale Soyara Ethnics [email protected] 7719098855
Shubhada Kaki Artist [email protected] 9767140454
Shweta Khandewal Shades and Srokes [email protected] 9765488158
Shweta Menon Truly Tribal [email protected] 9511909951
Smruti Shikhare Raveesh [email protected] 9881374745
Sneha Mundkur Spruce up – paper quilled products [email protected] 8390422749
Snehal Agashe Taraashaa [email protected] 9765226055
Srabana Chaudhary Kosa Silk story [email protected] 7755903537
Sujata Agrawal Raksha’s Chocolates [email protected] 9881320058
Supriya Arondekar Resume writing [email protected] 9511916626
Surabhi Bakshi Threads Tales [email protected] 9049343283
Tejaswini Pisal Zest Transformation [email protected] 855402668
Vaishali Kulkarni The Story Station [email protected] 9820229003
Vandana Maheshwari Choc-A-Lot [email protected] 8411011556
Varsha Vishwanath Organic lifestyle products [email protected] 8149706013
Vidula Andromeda BuffyFish [email protected], [email protected] 9158351185